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Excellent Comment On Importance Of Nitnem

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#1 Gurjeet Kaur

    Ab Man Chhoot Gaeiaa Saadho Sang Milay

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Posted 21 December 2008 - 05:39 AM

This is a reply to this post about achievements and hardships regarding nitnem banis -- http://www.mrsikhnet.../#comment-22970

Santa Singh November 16, 2008 at 7:47 pm wjkk wjkf

Interesting blog post brother Gurmustak Singh ji.

My heart really hurts when I read certain parts of this post.

In 1699 Bhai Daya Singh ji stood up when Guru Gobind Singh ji asked for a head. When Guru ji asked for a head they meant a head. It should us what we had to give to become members of the Khalsa. And I agree with you that honestly, many of us will never be ready to ever fully give every single thought and every single dime to our Guru. But there are certain things that we are told in the Amrit Sanchaar that are not negotiable. The Panj Pyare (a form of Guru Gobind Singh ji) tell us some basic things we have to do, as you know these are:

7 Nitnem Baniís (5 in the morning, Rehraas at evening time and Kirtan Sohila just before bed)
Donít commit the 4 Cardinal Sins
and maintain the 5 Kís on your person at all times.

There things are the bare minimum to be done everyday, I donít see how someone who gives their head can then Ďchooseí to not do these. Ofcourse, there are certain things we are told to do but they are the things that we are to work towards:

24/7 remembrance/simran
Amritvela etc

I hope this makes sense. Iíve tried to explain it as best I could but fear I may have caused somebody hurt.

If you speak to anyone, no matter what background or sect they claim to be from (AKJ, Damdami Taksal, Nihang Singh Jathaís) they agree that a baptised Gursikh must do the 7 baniís every single day.

I donít know why this hurt me so much but Amrit is a huge thing, not to be taken lightly quite rightly as you said - but if we canít dedicate 90 minutes of our day to bani (bani is our Guru right) then I donít think we can say weíre ready for amrit. Iím not saying someone who doesnít do 7 banis is not a baptized Sikh . Ofcourse not. If your unable to do the 7 banis then the 5 Pyare will tell you to do Simran of Vaheguru or Mool Mantar for a certain period of time that is equal to the time it would take to do the baniís. The same way we are told to give Daswandh of money (10% to charity) we should give Daswandh of the breaths we get, everyday we should dedicate a bare minimum of time to singing the praises of our beloved.

When Guru Gobind Singh ji would not leave the battle of Chamkaur, even after individuals came and begged them to - they only listened to the Sangat when 5 Singhs came to them and in the form of the Khalsa they could not refuse to 5 Singhís. Those 5 Singhís today tell us certain things at the Amrit Sanchaar that we have to adhere to, otherwise we shouldnít be stepping up just yet.

I also believe that if for one day you miss a bani because you fell asleep before you did your sohila for example, then itís not the end of the world and itís no major sin. your intention was to do your bani but you werenít able to. but the next day we should still do 2 kirtan sohila sahibs and Ardaas to Guru ji to help us not make the same mistake again and try live the life of a Khalsa as ordained by them.

I really like what Guruka Singh said about Ďif you miss a morning Ö no big dealí I would totally agree with them. We canít beat ourselves up over little stuff but we should strive for discipline, without discipline theres no difference between us and animals. What Iím trying to say is if you miss your morning scheduled wake up routine, you should still do your baniís during the day if you have taken Amrit.

I hope this makes sense and look forward to your replies dear Sangat ji.

you said brother, ďThe issue I see with this is that for many people there is a need to make a commitment to START, to achieve towards that goal.Ē then we should do Ardaas infront of Guru Granth Sahib ji begging them to help us. Itís like signing up to the US Marines and not adhering to the basic discipline. Taking Amrit doesnít make a person a baptized Sikh forever, living the lifestyle given by the 5 Pyare makes a person baptized with the Amrit they create within themselves everyday by their good actions and remembrance of Vaheguru.

The reason i felt the need to post this is there may be people reading your blog who might actually go ahead and take amrit but not do their baniís. before we take amrit the best thing is to actually live the lifestyle, start wearing the 5 kís as preparation, practice reading your banis beforehand.

Let the crown on your head be your commitment to yourself and the world that your going to take Amrit and give your head one day with Guru jiís grace. and when your able to do the very least that Guru ji asks of His Sikhs then give your head.

In your post you said

ďSo, from my perspective if you didnít know all the banis, I think it is still ok to take AmritĒ

but in the excerpt you posted underneath, it says:

ďIt is compulsory for Khalsa to read all the five Banis daily.Ē

As a respected Sikh worldwide I would humbly ask you please write very carefully, especially with regards to the basic tenets of Sikhi, as certain things you say could effect people who look up to you, and if these things are contrary to Sikhi then itís almost an injustice to the person whoís been led astray. Iím not saying close down your blog and donít talk, ofcourse not, but to make statements like the one above are possibly going to the confuse people.

please forgive me for the many mistakes in this posting. keep up the blog posts and Iím very glad your enjoying reading your banis! i check your blog often and it is inspirational to read how you and your family are prospering.
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